Free Heating

The increase in electricity prices has been announced for a long time.

If you are wondering how to save on the price of electricity and heating in your home or business, call or write us, then we'll give you the answer! However, if you don't like to write or call, read below what we have to offer!

It's a common knowlegde that machines that verify transactions in blockchain networks, so-called "miners" can be used in a cost optimization project in a household or enterprise - in combination with HeatMiner devices, we obtain the basis of a heating system that earns on itself. We gain the opportunity to reduce costs transferred annually for heating, using an innovative recuperative system.

Let's present it on the scheme in order to simplify the system operation:

Let's describe the various stages of the scheme:

  1. The electrical power is necessary to supply devices for automatic data processing. It is a power-consuming device, it needs a whole lot of it.
  2. The most advantageous method of obtaining electricity is the installation of an alternative source, which allows you to reduce energy costs up to 70% per year.
  3. We use the "miner" to extract the most profitable assets based on blockchain technology (for example Bitcoin or Ethereum), based on individual algorithms.
  4. We use the extracted assets to buy electricity, which is necessary to power the excavators or we invest in their possession in the long-term. It is worth adding that the analysis of a specific project should be very accurate and scrupulous. Let's choose projects that are transparent, with a large technological potential changing the existing view on a given economic sector, such as Cardano, Tron, Verge, Ripple, Horizen and many more. An example of one of many is Next - its rate increased by 1.358.96% in one month (in November 2017.)

We get something like "perpetuum mobile" with a bonus. The machine verifies the transaction, for which it receives a reward in the form of "tokens", which can be converted into fiat currency at any time. However, there is one more detail that we have previously forgot about - Integrated circuits create a huge amount of heat. Let's move to the last, 5th point of the scheme.

  1. The processors generate a significant amount of heat during their work, which, in fact, without proper equipment simply remains unused. However, if we decide to use HeatMiner equipment, we gain the opportunity to reduce heating costs by absorbing heat from machine.

Let's take a look at the scheme for one more time.

"Miner" works and earns money for electricity, and the by-product of his work is unused thermal energy. HeatMiner is designed to use this energy as a "drive" or as an accessory to the heating system. Thanks to the use of such equipment, we gain a free "fuel", with which we are able to heat the house. In theory, the only costs we incur are the cost of preparing the right project, purchasing the equipment, as well as costs related to electricity.

For each project, we carry out an individual audit, which allows us to match our products and services to your needs.

Entrepreneurs and farmers from Western Europe, the United States or Australia, are commonly looking for innovative solutions. The reason for this are high subsidies, very advantageous installment offers and total high rates of return on investment.

Until the end of the year, we have not many free terms left!