Sales of devices

We have been importing automatic data processing equipment for over 2 years. We realize how time-consuming and tiring is getting the "excavator". Therefore, in the interest of our customers, as a distributor of devices in Poland and in the world, we do all the procedures for you! In addition, for 24 consecutive months after purchase, we provide technological support! Below are examples of devices offered by our company.

Obelisk SC1 (2nd generation)

Hash rate: 1 100-1 500GH/s

Algorithm: Blake2b-Sia

Power Consumption: 800 Watt

Cryptocurrencies SC

Price: 3 349,00 USD net

Innosilicon A9+ ZMaster

Hash rate: 120 KSol/s

Algorithm: Equihash

Power Consumption: 1550 Watt

Cryptocurrencies: ZEC, ZEN

Price: 5 859,00 USD net

EBIT E11++

Hash rate: 44 TH/s

Algorithm: SHA-256

Power Consumption: 1980 Watt

Cryptocurrencies BTC, BCH

Price: 2 799,00 USD net

After purchasing the device, you receive an agreement, receive report and 23%-VAT invoice.

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