Our Team

It's good to know who works with You, so here are a few more words about us.

Michał Stryjewski

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Involved in the implementation of blockchain technology in Poland. Co-founder of Unlimited (2016). He imports blockchain-using devices from Asia. He helps companies by building infrastructure to use the blockchain devices. He conducted nearly 200 hours of training courses. He acquired his knowledge in practice and self-education. A participant of many technology conferences, who finds himself well as a speaker.

Bartłomiej Sitek

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Manager with 12 years of experience. He worked in the largest financial institutions in the world, such as ING, Citi Group or Aviva. For him, effectivity is the most important feature of entepreneur. He spent nearly 10,000 hours on conducting training courses.

Robert Małocha

Specialist Service Technician

On the cryptocurrency market for two years. He deals with the service of computing servers, commonly known as ASIC miners. As one of the first, he increased the computing power of the Antminers by 40% in 2018. He also designs printed PCBs and parts of devices, enclosures in 3D together with the creation of production documentation.